Thursday, September 08, 2005

Diss this, diss that - Common vs Rising Son, Yungun & Doc Brown

Oops...looks like Common's in a spot of bother, due to comments made on the subject of inter-racial relationships during an interview in the June issue of Touch, as well as lyrics from the track 'Real People' from his latest album, Be. In response, UK rappers Rising Son, Doc Brown & Yungun have joined together, and created 'Dear Common (The Corner Dub)', where Rising Son calls one of Chi-town's favourite son's a 'racist bitch'. Ow.

* Hear the trio's response track (thanks to HipHopGameUK)

* Read Elle J Small's original article in Touch which kicked off the whole shebang (one of the best pieces of music journalism for quite some time)

* The Okay Player boards have some interesting, if sometimes irrelevant, views about the issue.

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