Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Been a while, I shouldna left you....

Yeah, yeah. Blogging doesn't necessarily maketh the man, or summin' like that. I've got to stop reading those classy liberal newspapers, what with their big words and lack of Page 3 models. Shame on me! Although the new format for the guardian is lovely indeed (yes, it's in lower case because that's how the title appears on the front page. You can download free PDF versions of the new Berliner format until September 26).

So kids, what's news? Spent the week having various drinks of the alchoholic and non-alcoholic kind with friends old and new (Conal - have fun in South America! I'll see you next time I'm in Melbourne), writing some things for Ditched and Subter, spending an hour last night gazing at a lush full moon before falling asleep, buying records I can't afford (but that's not really news since it's the same ol' story every damn week), and seeing bands of varying degrees in Camden. Such as...

* Pedro The Lion (last Sunday at The Underworld), who avoided the sound problems that befell their support acts, and provided this indie-rock geek with two hours of warm mushy emo, filled with the occasional chopping guitar riff. I'd write more, but I'll save it for another day (or more importantly the next issue of Nature Loves Courage ...available at all good London record stores from mid-October, issue launch party coming soon) . But if they're playing in your neck of the woods then check them out.

If I had a little money...I'd snap up some of these records out this week.

* Nada Surf - 'The Weight Is A Gift' (CD, Barsuk/V2)
* Papa M / Unhome - 'Mama You've Been On My Mind / Pine Tree'("7 re-issue, Awkward Silence)
* Broadcast - 'Tender Buttons' (CD/LP, Warp)
* Jackson and his Computer Band - 'Smash' (CD/LP, Warp)...this album's just a wee bit special, and fans of quality electro up for something new in the vein of Isolee need look no further...

Oh, and even though Lil Kim's jail term starts today, at least The Source sees fit to provide us all with some laughs to ease the pain, as pointed out by the fine peeps at Spine. Yup, 5 mike review for 'Naked Truth' (I mean, I know The Source's standards have slipped in recent years but...what? 5? Does that means she's as good as Eric B and Rakim or Nas?.......what? 5?!?!)

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