Saturday, October 29, 2005

Beware: Giant Worms (and Bevin Kacon)

OK, hands up out there who's seen Tremors? I was flicking channels last night and happened to stumble upon it by accident. Class. One of the cheesiest horror films of all time (heck, does it even classify as a horror film now?) with equally cheesy performances by Bevin Kacon, the dad from Family Ties and Reba 'yee-ha' McEntire, not to mention a bunch of giant worms. I remember first watching it at a sleepover when I was 11...memories. Part of a video/pizza bill that included The Lost Boys, Die Hard 2 and Predator 2, followed by Coke-fuelled mayhem as my friends and I went outside to water bomb the neighbourhood. Ah, those heady days of youth...

* Happy Birthday Winona! I bought you a present, but someone stole it...

* Peep the new Gorillaz video for 'Dirty Harry' here. Features cute animated kids (Hewlett style of course) and the Pharcyde's Booty Brown jumpin' around in the desert. A much better single than 'Dare'.

* More visual pleasure, this time of the ass shakin' time - new Madonna, and it's not pants! That Stuart Price fella can fix anything.

* I know what I want for Christmas Sandy Claws. Why, a Girls Aloud doll!

* What? More Ryan Adams albums? He's some kind of indie-starlet datin', tune writin' cyborg! Get your wallets out on December 19th (or the following day if you're Stateside) for his third album of the year, 29 (so that's another Ryan Adams new album, some Girls Aloud dolls, and a pony. I've been good, I swear!)

* More alt-county goodness. Jeff Tweedy tells Billboard about the new Wilco album which will come out sometime next year.

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