Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fire Demons 'R' Us

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Finally saw Howl's Moving Castle yesterday and it was pretty good, although not a patch on Princess Mononoke. Have to go see it again though as my local kino only had the 'American' dubbed version, and I'd have prefered to see it with the original Japanese language soundtrack. I guess that's what DVD's are for, although I'll be waiting until November 16.

*If you live in Lahhndahhn town, head to the fine record store that is Phonica for a free Slices DVD featuring clips and multimedia from Warp, Hexstatic, Novamute and Mantis. Tasty tasty!

*Speaking of rekkid stores, I had a fine weekend record shopping with the regular Soho trawl on Saturday, and a trip to Brighton on Sunday (with possibly the best record shop to person ratio in the UK). No pier of rock action for me though as it was straight to Resident and then Mic Check for some tasty treats where I found the new Roots rarities mix-tape compiled by DJ Ayers. I also finally snaffled the lovely Foreign Exchange 'Connected' album from last year, and a few cheapies from Rounder Records (Gang of Four, Beasties and Alter Ego). Grand total? Just over 20 squid. Met up with some new friends for evening pints, and then caught the last train back to the big smoke. Slept like a baby...a bit like this one!

Lil' Xander and some weirdo. Posted by Picasa

* One Soulful Negro has a Roots rarity too, featuring the last appearance of Malik B. Heck, they even compare it to Prince's infamous 'Wally'. Oooh!


H. said...

That's one cute baby. Wherever did you find him?


cfitzart said...

cool I want to see that.. theyve been showing Miyazaki films on SBS on Wednesday nights (kikis delivery service is on right now)