Friday, October 28, 2005

The World of Kane! / Scarlet Mist

I've been on a writing holiday this week, hence the lack of bloggy goodness in the past week. To make up for it, here's a dearth of news, tidbits and links for y'all.

* Major Leaguer extends a warm welcome to Will Kane's entrance to the blogging community. Enter the World of Kane if you dare!

* UK readers only - Fed up with being unable to grab tickets for that upcoming Sufjan Stevens or McFly show? Yes, I know that's the only time you'll ever see those two artists in the same sentence...anyway, head on over to Scarlet Mist for a non-E-Bay alternative to securing those prized front row seats. Scarlet Mist aims to bring together people who are looking to buy tickets with people who are looking to sell tickets. If you see tickets highlighted for sale, simply fill in a form on the site, and in no time at all you'll be in contact with the person that owns them. No nasty booking fees, no overcharging, just tickets at face value!

* Phil's on trial, but just look at his hair!

* Something just as scary - letting Jacko in front of a microphone for charity.

* Stating the obvious #1 - 'Pete Doherty needs a good slap' - Sharon Osbourne in an interview with Attitude magazine. Really? Damn, that's just what he needs Sharon. Why didn't I think of that?

* Stating the obvious #2 - Test Icicles admit they were 'really shit' during their their aborted support set at last week's Leeds leg of the Arctic Monkeys tour, after failure to soundcheck properly (and write decent tunes, lyrics etc.) It seems they're not to keen on the Monkeys fans either.

* Neko Case due in March next year. Sigh. Oh, and Neko's delightful New Pornographers are playing next Tuesday Nov 1 at the Borderline, and Thursday Nov 3 at 93 Feet East.

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