Monday, October 10, 2005

Nope, no slayers here / Aardman Studios is burning down

But where are the stakes? Posted by Picasa

Off to see Serenity tonight. Wasn't a huge fan of Firefly but have heard only good things about Mr Whedon's latest work. Plus, this will be the only work from Joss until his take on Diana and her lasso (and that's not going to be ready until 2007) so I'd best get my fix now. Random burblings from my mushy brain...

* Guess Britney wanted her bra after all. Nuts!

* Spare cash? Spend it on these beauties.

Various Artists - Leave Them All Behind
Damn fine collection of tunes from the always reliable Modular stable, plus other assorted indie-dance tracks that sit very nicely alongside them. Pretty much all the tunes you've heard at Trash this year and more. Two CDs for a tenner? Bloody lovely I tell ya.

The Fall - Heads Roll
Mark E Smith in fantastic album shock! OK, the man is a bit of an icon (even if his appearance almost a year ago on the BBC on the day of John Peel's death was a bit random) but recent Fall albums have been underwhelming to say the least. Heads Roll however is a rampaging return to form, complete with Smith's drawled lyrical flow and tunes that veer from lush the one moment to downright stomping the next.

* Fancy a round of golf with the RZA?

NEWS JUST IN! Aardman studios is ablaze....sniff! Wensleydale on toast anyone?

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