Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Subter October / Britney's bra? You're so kind.

Subter October is a go-go. In it you'll find -

* an interview with the de-lightful, de-lovely and de-lish RecordPlayer lasses

* critiques on both Spain (the country) and The Strolling Bones (the retirement home escapees) from Houman Sadri

* and the first burblings of a new way for bands to be heard online

(Note to all fledgling bands and artists: Yes, there are other ways for your music to be heard instead of bombarding all MySpace users to be your 'friends'. I don't care that your influences are Incubus, Led Zepplin and Phish. Your music still sucks.)

That's a lot of diamonds. Posted by Picasa

* Fine, I'll admit it. I enjoy the Britney celebrity roadshow (who, unlike Paris Hilton, does have a shred of talent). Combine that with charidee, and by golly folks, you've got yourself a weiner. All proceeds from the 'Out Bid Me Baby One More Time' auction go towards the Mississippi Hurricane Recovery Fund.

Oh, and if you want to donate but ain't down with Brit's garments, the OkayPlayer kids have some lovely 'ReNew Orleans' shirts you can trade for your hard-earned. ReNew Orleans? Geddit? Huh? Geez, I don't know why I bother. Grumble....if anyone wants me I'll be bidding for Britney's beret. Whaddya mean pink ain't my colour? Oh, yeah, that was last season, and I'm not down with the Jude Law style.

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Sister Leaguer said...

I'm sure the beret will look lovely with one of your many fake Prada handbags. Wait...that was last month's joke.

"Boy Homer you really are slow."
"Something was said...not good..."