Sunday, October 30, 2005

365 days ago....

...I started this 'ol blog. In that time I've -

* posted 137 times (including this one)
* kept the same ol' job
* moved from the ghettos of Wood Green to the ghettos of Dalston
* lived through the break up of Busted and the rise of McFly.
* started playing records out and about
* started writing for these guys, and these guys, and these guys.
* curtailed my addiction to Friendster
* tried to curtail my addiction to MySpace (but failed miserably)
* visited home
* saw my football team become campeones europeos (thanks to El Rafa)
* discovered the joy of Rhubarb yoghurt
* started cooking again (try this one for tomorrow night)
* found a new favourite band
* and said goodbye to another one
* broke all promises to blog regularly
* missed many deadlines
* got broadband and cable (hooray!)
* and a monthly bill for them (hiss!)
* realised carrying two boxes of flyers probably isn't wise for my back
* found a great local watering hole with the best jukebox in town
* and realised that life isn't that bad (and will be even better if I get an early birthday present in 3 weeks time)


Bradley said...

We're working on your MySpace fix. These things take time, my good man, time.

Euan said...

It's a bonafide disease! Help!